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I was talking to my dh about the baffalo meat and he has had it he says it taste like ground beef too. Gosh, that stuff would sell for a fortune here in Ohio as we don't have it.

I have had deer before, it's o.k. especially the steak.

Not much new to report. Our janitor at work ask me to make his aunt a candle in the cucumber melon scent. Apparently he took it to his day job (he's a supervisor at Ohio State University) janitorial dept. he said his co workers could smell the candle through his bag and now they want to order some so he ask me for my fragrance list. He told them it takes me a week to get new fragrances, they said it smelled so good they would be willing to wait 2 weeks to get one, so more sales for me. Word of mouth has been my best way of selling these. Slowly putting money back into our bank account after the furnace expense. I'm so keeping my fingers crossed that our AC holds up this summer and the water heater. The water heater is at least 18 years old, the central air I think is 8 or 9 years old. We had it installed in February saved us big bucks as the heating/ac guy told us he needed to keep his guys working and gave me a huge discount. I did price comparison and no one could touch his quote. It's a Lennox, our new furnace is too.

Well off to do some research for a co worker. She makes beautiful quilts and theres some kind of Viking festival she wants to take her crafts to sell but she doesn't know how to use the internet so I'm doing a search for her on how much phone number, etc.

Take care everyone and will talk again in the morning.


thanks for checking for me on the syrup, too bad they don't have they caramel that's my favorite. I love the smell of Hazelnut coffee but not the taste.