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Im not a fan of the buffalo roasts, but

the ground buffalo is similiar to grnd beef, only less taste, and no fat. You usually have to add alittle oil when you brown it up. I use it in place of grnd beef because we get it from Commodities here on the reservation. and I season it well. Or mix it with beef for burgers, or meatload. baked as a meatloaf alone, its kinda heavy. Weird, cause its very lean. My family cant tell the diff in a grnd meat recipe.
Walmarts brand of soda pop is always 1.97 for a 12 pack, so is Albertsons. Which is a good deal. WHen I buy soda, Ill get it there. And the walmart brand is pretty good.
We used to live 40 min from a ski slope in Montana. My son misses it. It wasnt very expensive either as I recall. Compared to the BIG name slopes. I tried skiing once, and I fell so much, got so cold, never wanted to again. And getting on and off the ride thing, I had trouble. Then, up in the air, holy moly, I couldnt look down. !! Skiings not my bag. Wish it was, great excercise.
Off to the big city tomorrow for a doctors appt. I hate driving the one hr one way. its getting really old. Plus the gas is terrible.