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Mom24 and joesbaby: Yes, our family does have fun skiing. We live near a range of hills, and the ski hill is about 20 minutes from here. It's a "mountain" by our standards. We are very much an outdoor family--and when I can get 1/2 price coupons for expensive things like lift tickets, we Go for it!

Have to share a frugal "kidism": Ds1 told me yesterday at the store when I was buying his cold meds. with a coupon, that he can't believe how much I'm always saving on things. He also said: "Mom, that's why I have to find a girl who can save me some money someday!". I think I've got him trained! Hope there are still some girls like that out there when he gets old enough to be looking for a "girl". With the rampant commercialism these days, you have to wonder.

Hopefully frugal shopping: Going to start looking for some new winter boots for MYSELF (unbelievably) for next year. Dh pointed out (I didn't think about it myself--as long as the kids are warm!)that my feet always get cold in mine (they are 18 years old!) and I should get some new ones. Hope to find some good sales this time of year.

Going to also start looking for mittens on sale for ds2--his are nearly done for--snowpants too, but we're going to suffer through with those--hopefully not too much longer!

Well--laundry, shopping are waiting--and the bills, the bills....

Have a good one--rivermom