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I finally got to Walgreens last night and bought my buy one, get one free deodorant plus my 75 cents off coupon. Also picked up a 12 pack of Diet Coke for $2.50. The cheapest it gets around here is $2 per 12 pack / $4 per case. But I couldn't wait anymore! I've been out for a week and a half waiting for the right sale, but this was the 2nd best sale price that comes around, so I didn't do too bad. If I would have had extra cash on me, I would also have bought the foundation and hairspray they had that would be free after rebate. If I'm out that way again soon, I may still pick them up. Also picked up my vitamins at a local store for 1/3 of their normal price, so that was pretty good too.
Have a great day everyone!