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I had checked at Meijers but couldn't find any in Caramel flavor regular or sugar free. If you see it let me know where exactly and I'll recheck again.

Txchef Fran

Your daughter's picture is gorgeous! What a pretty outfit and scenery. Looks like alot of hair to me.

Not much frugal today... made up some candle orders tonight, Love Spell and Butt Naked scent, lol!

New potential customers have moved in to the store building I've been looking at- a beauty salon . I haven't seen the owners yet looks like they just got set up this past week? Will definitely be keeping a eye out to see what kind of people they are. The carry out as I mentioned before is run by foreigners from the middle east somewhere. We have alot of them in our area, nothing wrong with that except they don't communicate in english very well.

Well I'm off to get ready for bed, will catch you all again in the morning. Dh's overtime has come to a halt for a minute, it's not dependable. Dh's perturbed by it since we filled up both vehicles thinking we'd be driving seperately all week instead of using one car but I told him, we just won't have to fill them up next week.

Oh well and life does go on despite the small stuff.