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Is the low carb thread still going

Wow I haven't been on there in along time. I have lost about 100 lbs in a year and am finally breaking through my plateau, yippee!!!

Well, paid my bills and frugal was using dd's certificate for a free personal pizza for her lunch while out, her reward for getting her reading goals at school and buying a soda for us both. I'm sick so I didn't eat anything, but unfrugal was buying some medicine and Halls at the gas station but I was in so much pain-i.e. sinus infection that I couldn't help it. It all came to $5 when I could've bought some meds that really worked for that amount.

Dd's doctors appt. was $20 and $10 for the prescription and $5.60 at the thrift bakery. So, we're home and except going to get a few little things like eggs and lettuce we should save on gas and money by doing as much as nothing as we can. Well, except going up to the high school to walk, I haven't been able to excerise since we came back here in June from Colorado-(been busy ever since).