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Glad to see you back on, we always miss hearing from you. I love reading the post from all you folks out west… so different in some ways from us folks up east. Sounds like you are going to have one heck of garden this year… I would really love to try to grow strawberries, running out of room with all my trees though. I sure hope my cherry and apple tree bear better fruit this year.

Txchef Fran

That sounds like a good “carb free” lunch idea, I might try that next week as I already have the cream cheese.


Don’t forget to check into that site… they used to always put the best deals in there. I don’t do a lot of couponing anymore but still worth checking out their site.


Sounds like you are becoming quite a coupon queen.. good deal on the free items, those are getting harder and harder to come bye.


Yep, can’t say enough good things about Aldi’s… I’ve never gotten anything bad from there. Good produce prices.


At least it's not rent, we wasted 7 years paying rent before buying... only 19 years left and it'll be ours.