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I do need to move to your block! lol I have never really paid to much for Evans clothes but it would be nice for him to get a few hand me downs! I find even in the thrift store that its hard to find "decent" clothes most I seem to find are pretty well worn!
Good job on the deodarant and excedrin! I never seem to find the free stuff. Today there was an article in the paper about a couple that just started a website for Cleveland and Columbus showing all the best deals at their local stores to save time going all over, however it is 15.00 a month with 5 going to Harvest for Hunger. I couldnt bring myself to pay for the best deals just have to strive to find my own.
It is nice to go shopping in your living room for free.
Your dd is very cute! Even without a lot of hair. ds2 is one still doesnt have much hair espcially compared to his brother at that age. The 1 1/2 yr old that I watch poor thing has lots of hair in the back but not much on top, if her mom didnt put it up in pigtails she sorta has a mullett type thing going on. She is still a cutie though!