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Hi ladies. I started reading this thread because a friend's mother has fibromyalgia. I was surprised to find how many of you also suffer from TMJ syndrome.

I've had TMJ syndrome for almost 20 years. It started with a viral infection, then the jaw pain and headaches started. After quite a few years of treatment from a dentist (and many visits to chiropractors), I am now about 90% pain free. Nineteen years ago, when I saw a rheumatologist, he said I would be living with the pain for the rest of my life. I am so glad I didn't listen to him and continued treatment with the dentist.

So if you have TMJ syndrome, please make an appointment with your dentist. At the very least, they can make a special soft splint (similar to a mouthguard worn for sports) to be worn at night which really cuts down on teeth grinding. I went through a series of splints and now have permanent caps on my teeth. Check with your insurance plan; some cover TMJ syndrome. TMJ syndrome is a MEDICAL condition, not a problem with the teeth.

I also saw a physical therapist, and she taught me some coping mechanisms to help with the pain: The first one is to say "Mmmmm". Another is to click my tongue as if I was saying "Tsk tsk". Make sure and have good posture; the ears should line up with the shoulders. Take a few minutes each hour to breathe deeply.

God's blessings to you all! I hope all of you ladies see an improvement in your health.