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Osi, those Escalades are very nice, I was eyeing one up last year when I took DS to therapy. But, now I have my eye on the Ford Freestyles. DH and I both said that by the time we are ready for a "new" car there should be a used Freestyle on the lot that some rich person had for one year and now traded in.

rivermom, it always sounds like your family has so much fun sking, and tubing. It must be nice do you live near a ski slope?

ldyroper, I could deal with driving 25 miles to town, I just wouldn't go shopping weekly, I would try to cut it back to once a month. Especially at lot rent being $175/mth!!! We pay $350 for a lot just a little bigger than our trailer, it does include water/sewer and trash, but what is that compared to $350/mth??

LJsmom, good job on getting away with only one meal out. My kids are like that also, think that because Dad is here we should order out. I think he don't like my cooking!

Not much frugal here just relaxing. And getting ready for the week ahead.