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im at moms again..i should be able to be here most everyday and read the boards,,even if i cant write everyday.

frugal today was joe going to work and cutting 20 sheets, thats only needing 8 more for a ton. a ton is going for 80 right now. so thats good. plus my sil finally picked up our nephews horse. so now all i have to pay for is my own horses. wich is good too. with sonny, he ate at least his food and then ran my horses from theirs. this way, its only my 2 i have to pay to care for.

lady buy your place if i was closer. id pay that and love it. id love to live that far out. and have that much land....sigh...dreams are free at least.

rivermom that sounds like alot of fun to have skiing so close. id love to learn to do taht.

osi..i love car shows. i usually spend all my time looking at the an suv junkie. lol.

futureteacher, that is sooo cool you made a cake from scratch, ive tried that .and its not ever worked out. good that it did for you.

spent today going thru the things on my desk and putting things in my files. hope it all works out that i can get the silly thing cleaned off as soon as possibal. im trying to find all the old bills and set up a way to see how much ive changed in the last year..2 yrs ago i paid 45 for elect in 12-03, in 12-04, it was over 150. still unsure how that happend..oh well.

have a good day all
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