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The home we looked at has forced electricheat

does anyone know about that? They said it wasnt to expensive. They best not be lieing. We put an offer in contigent on the guy buying our ranch getting finanacing for it. Well see what happens.
I forgot who asked, but the land rent is $150 a month where the mobile sits, includes the well water and septic. If youd use the who 40 acres, (horses) its $175 mo. Went by there today, and some skirting blew off, had like 55 mph winds. Crap, now I gotta fix that. People like it, they just whine about driving 25 min to town. OH well, the right person will come along.
We have puppies we are giving away. Holey smokes, If I had adollare for everyone whos called or emailed about them, Id be rich. there are 7 of them, I think all are spoken for thank god.
My son brought home this boston terrier mix type dog, someone had cut her ears off (along time ago) and she was being passed around and traded for stereos etc... So shes a rescue. Can here PG, great, she had 8 pups, one died. I said, what do I look like? and ad for Purina dog chow? He also brought home last summer a Rotti, which is named Tank, and eats like one. Plus my 3. We go thru 40 lbs of dog food a week-------- I buy the cheapest stuff, its about 9.50 a bag. I told him no more, and I may make him get rid of one of them, its a bit much. Cause you know who takes care of them.
Osi- gosh those freebies always end up costing dont they? But at least you guys had fun.