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Well, yesterday's frugal fun was great! Ds1 skiied all day on his lift ticket coupon. Ds2 and his friend went tubing for 2 hours also using coupons and spent the rest of the day sliding down a smaller hill on their butts ( I think they had even more fun at that!). We ate lunches and snacks that we packed, and everyone slept on the way home!

Today, unbelievably, both boys were invited to go with friends. Ds1 went roller blading at the local rink with a free coupon and some spending money, and ds2 went to the movie (at least it was matinee prices). It's rare when they're both gone at the same time! A nice breather for me. I think I'll clean the toilet....

Actually, I may ski through the woods and out onto the lake a bit for some exercise, but it's pretty cold and windy here today.

Didn't do very well on the radio auction yesterday--we had an 8 a.m. bball game and I didn't get through before I left. By the time I got on later in the a.m. there wasn't much good left. I did get 3 passes to a waterpark we hit at least once/Summer. But I missed the car washes, a favorite restaurant and movie passes. OH well.

Best get moving here....enjoy the rest of the weekend ladies!