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Theres a difference between electric heat and electric-base board heat

Base board is that it's attached to the wall and you have to go around and turn each knob for the heat. Base board is horrible and this house is old and there's lots of leaks around the windows and around the walls. I love this house but this is killing me!!! I can't get my landlord to put up a light-(it took him 3 wks and he bought the cheapest one he could that didn't last me 2 wks), so I don't I could get him to switch out the heating source. He cares mainly about his money and that's all. He's not a horrible person, but to ask him for something is like pulling nails! I may end up moving for alot of reasons, not just that. I have two open yards and he refused to work with me in putting up a gate and my neighbor across the street constantly harrasses us. Recently she call the police to my house while I was at work, my co-worker was going past-(I live 5 seconds from my job), and she said that the cops were there. I rushed out to the house and they weren't there, they had left. But I think I know why. She didn't see dd come out with me, but dd was over a friends house. So, I'm sure she called Child Protective services on me...she watches everything we do and has hit me once calling me racial names because we're a mixed family-(they are a black family). So, I'm worried that this summer things will jump off again. This woman has tons of people coming through all the time and it's just a matter of time. I'm trying to debate whether I should move when my lease is up or not. But, I really and truelly feel comfortable in this house, it's just two neighbors that cause us problems, despite the fact that we don't say anything to anyone else. Alot is going on in my mind, alot to think of...I don't want to move but I don't want problems either or people walking past my daughter's bedroom in the summer either!!!