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gosh, Leasmom, that seems like alot

to heat and electric for your home. Ive read the new electric type of heaters cost less than propane to run. Were going to look at a property today that heats with electricl. They said in the winter the whole bill average around $200 a month. And its a large 3 story home 4 bedroom with livestock heater too. Not frugal driving there, its 3 hrs away, and gas is now 2.09 a gallon. Ugh.
Oh well. I splurged and took my son and his girlfriend out to dinner last nite at the Casino. We had a nice time and I got to know her a bit more. I felt we deserved it as I hadnt taken my son out to eat in a long time.
Im trying to sell a 3 bed 16X 80 mobile ive got here. It sits on 40 rented acres. Its 30 miles to town, and people just dont want to have to drive that far. Its a 1983 and in good condition. They could move right in. It allows for horses too. Wish someone would buy it, then Id have some money!! Im only asking $8000
which is well below the average mobile that age.
Well heres to a unfrugal weekend!