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Good morning all!!

Frugal for me today, is riding in someone else's car, using someone else's gas. My nephew is going to an outlet store (Foreman Mills) to get new clothes. Not only is he growing like a weed, and needs new duds for spring, but his father promised him that he was going to take him for Valentine's Day and it didn't happen. After the fiasco last summer with the 44-46" swim trunks that he let his son get, I just spoke up and said I was going. And I am hoping that while I am there, I can find socks that fit me.

I have really large legs and my feet are not swollen. I have even tried diabetic socks, but the feet are too big. Mens socks are no better. I have tried Just My Size, and even tried shopping at Fashion Bug Plus and Catherines for socks that will not cut of my circulation, but this is soemthing I just can't find. I did find some chenille knit socks at Christmas time in Macy's. But at $6 a pair, they didn't hold up, and shed everywhere. What a waste. I need some socks!!!

Unfrugal last night was taking my nephew and the woman I drive to work daily, to dinner. It is a chain, Famous Dave's BBQ. But it's really reasonable, the food is good, and even though the parking lot was so filled, I had to park elsewhere, there was still room inside, and we were in and out in about an hour.

Then my boyfriend came over, and the cat decided that he couldn't stand it anymore, and sprayed him. I was so embarassed, my boyfriend was livid as he doesn't particularly care of cats any. Needless to say, I am washing those clothes today. The cat was on the back of the couch, and then just climbed over his shoulder and as he was coming down the front, he got him. What a mess.

Anyway, that is about it. I hope you all have a very frugal weekend. I need to shop for meat for dinner for tomorrow, and staples like bread and milk, but that is about it. I think I can shop from my freezer and my stockpiles in the garage.

BTW, I got that razor and a woman's razor this week too. So if you remember, you might have 2 of them coming??

Take care all!! Norma