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Have you checked around your windows, doors and electrical outlets for air leaks? Do you put plastic over your window and use insulated drapes? Sure makes me glad we have gas heat.

For some reason my towlet backed up this afternoon and I plunged and plunged and plunged until the rubber plunger part broke with no luck. Went to buy a new one DD1 tried to talk me into one of the new fangled ones for $13 but I bought the old fashioned $3 one instead. Plunged and plunged when we got home and whatever was blocking it finally let go so we can go potty now. I doubt this one will last 18+years like the other one did. I think my plunger is telling my age LOL.

I'm kicking myself because I forgot to pay with the gift card I had still from Chirstmas. Went to the blackhole of money too! Kids talked me into getting 2 DVD's for $11 which isn't to bad and they had banannas for $.28 lb. The plunger ended up costing me $15 and change LOL. Really upset that I forgot about using the gift card.

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