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Hi Sharon!! This week (through TODAY!) Curves has where you can take a sack of groceries in and your registration is FREE!!! Wish I'd seen this thread last week so I could have let you all know about it earlier!

I LOVE Curves. I started going in October of 2003 and in about 7 months I lost over 27 inches. (I had not lost much weight at all but we think it is related to something else.) I was working out 3-5 times each week.

Sad to say, LIFE took over and I haven't been very regular since last August. My best friend and I joined together but her job has not allowed her to be back on a regular basis either. I've really missed going. It's great fun to work out with other women and chat and have fun. Makes it not seem you are working so hard!

I'm headed to Curves TODAY when they open after lunch in about 30 minutes. My oldest daughter is also a member. I signed her up last year for her 14th birthday. Today I'm taking my 13yo with me so that no matter what they have going on, I'll always have a buddy to go with. On the mother daughter plan, they each get to join for 1/2 what I paid in registration (which was on a 1/2 price special) and then their cost is only $10 a month! What a great P.E. time for them in our homeschool.

Julie, thanks for the info. My 7yo was diagnosed with Type I over Christmas and due to the education process so we can deal with that, I've learned SO much more about Diabetes than ever before. I've decided that most people are not educated well enough about this disease and so they really don't understand the seriousness of it. If you can prevent it with diet and exercise - you really should work on it diligently!
"The Bible calls children a blessing, and debt a curse. Yet we apply for curses and prevent blessings!" (Doug Phillips)
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