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I am on a roll!

I had an occurence recently that kicked my bootie into action, so I have been walking almost daily or doing some aerobic exercise of some kind. I have an excellent Internal Medicine doctor, as well (I am really picky about my doctors), who is helping me through this.

I hope you ladies don't mind if I share my reason for the major concern?? The information I have to share may touch an area of need for some of you or may be of interest anyhow. So, if you have the time, read all of this post. If not, oh well! LOL....

My blood sugars went sky high while my Doctor was on vacation about 3 weeks ago (I am not diabetic, although it runs seriously in my family genes) . I immediately went on a strict diet of healthy foods and lower carbs, and refrained from large portions of my favorite (sigh) pastas.

I knew what I had to do. Until Doc got back, I bought a new blood sugar monitor and kept track of what did what to my body. I wuz determined NOT to succumb to Diabetes, since I had watched my sweet Mother get a leg amputated and suffer horrors from dialysis, before she died at the early age of 56!

I also watched my sister suffer waiting for a kidney and pancreas and helped nurse her in my home (she had to stay nearby the transplant hospital in Wisconsin - and she lived in Louisiana - and I lived in Iowa at the time, but was only a couple of hours away from her hospital) till signs of rejection were nill and she could return to her family in La. Well, that was 11 years ago, she has been blessed, but her kidney failed her recently and she is now doing dialysis and getting her protein levels up, awaiting another kidney (from my sister-in-law, God bless her!) soon. I cared for my father for two years before he died, as well, who developed Diabetes and I had to give him his shots of insulin because he was too hard-headed to follow a strict diet after Mom died, so his Type 2 Diabetes turned into Type 1 - insulin dependent. He was in the best shape ever after he came to live with us, but it was too late to repair the damage the disease had done to his eyes, heart and circulatory system.

I had gestational diabetes when pregnant with DD nearly 12 years ago. The ER internist told me I was fat and there was nothing I could do about it at that point, and that I needed to start taking insulin injections. I was outraged that he was so rude and relayed the event to my female OB-GYN, who asked if I would like her to refer me to another Internist, and I jumped at her offer. The lady internist was also of Italian heritage, as I, so she was very empathetic to my starchie diet and inherited gene pool! With her help, the aid of a wonderful hospital dietician, and checking my blood sugars about 4 times a day, I was able to make it thru my entire pregnancy without taking insulin in any form, and I only gained 28 lbs. during the pregnancy. My blood sugars were completed normal throughout the pregnancy, as well.

In the past three weeks, I have LOST 8 hard-core, not fluid, pounds!! My cholesterol level dropped from 210 to 170, and my HDL's are up, LDL's down!! The diet I have used is a modified version of one I read about that helped keep fat and wrinkles away and slimmed people down FAST and safely in a recent issue of WOMEN'S WORLD magazine, which was from a book written by a doctor, the diet focusing on eating Wild Salmon at LEAST once a day. It works, too! And I don't care for salmon, but I found some interesting ways to fix it that are quick and easy!

My Internist said not to worry about the blood sugars just yet. My liver enzymes were up, so he felt that my liver had too much fat content, and also that a recent URI were what caused the problems. In reviewing my sugar testing results from the time he was on vacation, it appeared obvious that my fasting blood sugars were the only ones that were up. The rest of the day, they were normal. Activity levels and diet were helping, and I have been trying not to eat past 5:30 p.m. in the evenings. But even that didn't seem to matter. Some nights I ate late, by default, and the sugars would be lower! Crazy?

Well, GUESS WHAT??? It appears that my rise in blood sugars were because my liver had mild damage from taking LIPITOR too long. About 8 weeks ago, when my cholesterol started RISING on Lipitor instead of lowering, as it had been doing, Doc cut my dose in half. The result was that my cholesterol came down, but my liver enzymes got higher, indicating the liver was not functioning properly, which is a side effect from continued use of LIPITOR!! He told me to stop the LIPITOR NOW COMPLETELY (you can't just stop it without reducing the dosage gradually, because that can cause spikes in cholesterol and other problems). I have been off Lipitor for nearly a week now, and take aloe vera capsules 1-2x daily after meals (which is supposed to help lower fasting blood sugars), and my fasting blood sugars are now dropping -- FINALLY!! I can't wait for my next check-up! Doc is going to be so proud of me! The weight is just falling off, too!!

Hope this helps as an incentive and information for some of you ladies out there!

Hugs and health,
Italy's Girl
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