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Good morning all!!

I think that the only frugal thing for me today will be to let the boss buy lunch. I don't see much else. Work is work, and now that gas prices have soared this week, getting there is truly not frugal.

Anna, we don't have a craft mall in our area at all. We have lots of the regular ones, and even in Atlantic City, they started a "discount lane" they call "The Walk". It is basically the street from the the front of the train station and will eventually go all the way to the boardwalk. All the stores along the way are outlet stores, creating an outdoor outlet mall. I have been in the Liz Claiborn, Yankee Candles, Dress Barn, and one of the shoe stores. The prices are not all that good, but it is somewhere that is easy to get to (the train is 3 blocks from my house), and the city has beefed up the police patrols in the area making it safer than walking down the historical Atlantic and Pacific Avenues. It is at the other end of Atlantic City from where I work, and I couldn't do it on my lunch hour that's for sure. But in the spring and summer it will be on a list of things for my girlfriend and I to do once in awhile on the weekends.

There really are no places, consignment or other, for crafters to sell their wares around here, unless you count the flea markets, and then the customers want something for nothing. Even at the craft fairs, held at local high schools and fire departments, not a lot sells, I have been there. There is a mecca up in North Jersey and northeastern PA that is ideal. I hope to be able to move there when I retire, and just work out. But that is a long way away.

But your candles seem to be doing a great business.

Well ladies, better go for now. The cat is outside in his carrier and needs to be brought in. He was wild because his girlfriend came to the door meowing for him. And until he gets neutered, I won't let him out, now that his paw is healing.

Take care all!! Norma