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Old Bay Seasoning is a type of seasoning that you would find on crabs or steamed shrimp. You can normally find it in most seafood sections and in the spice section where they keep the seafood seasonings. I am originally from Maryland and grew up with Old Bay on everything. It's especially good on corn on the cob. I don't find it overly spicy but there are somethings it just a good spice for.

As far as the waterless chicken - I hadn't heard of it before either. I found it here on this web site and tried it. I think it bakes it in a convection sort of way because of the overall heat with scorching. It was especially nice to have the drippings, which are great for gravy or the grease can be skimmed and the juice saved for chicken soup stock. I really like being able to use the cheap chickens and make a good meal. We eat mostly chicken, fish and turkey around here so something good and easy to make for me is a wonderful treasure.

Oh the time to cook the chicken is 9-10 hours (in case I didn't say so earlier).

I would imagine that you could do the same thing with turkey. Red meats I'm not sure about because they tend to dry out without some kind of liquid but then again, I may try that next. I have a friend that puts potatoes (cut) in the bottom to keep her meat off the bottom, then the roast and then carrots. She uses a little water with it too I think, seasons it up and then turns it on.

Oh, the brisket was soooo yummy. Our company we had for dinner had never had it before and now my girlfriend's husband insists she get the recipe and they have it at home. If you've never had this before you should try it.

Have a blessed evening.

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