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Funny you should mention digging in the back of the freezer. I was pulling out some stuff in the back of my frig. Saw a bowl in there with a lid (small bowl) pulled it out and there was Cranberry Sauce in it, still looked good but itís been in there since November! I had no idea. We have a extra turkey in one of our freezers, I was telling dh we need to pull it out and eat it now that summer is coming we wonít be cooking in the stove or the Nesco very much as we switch to BBQ cooking more often.


Yes, I am allowed to read books and magazines at my desk. For a long time I was allowed to do small crafts at my desk but they decided they didnít want that anymore, fickle bosses. A big part of our problem is although we are a large ďglobalĒ company, we have too many chiefs and not enough indians. We have a few bosses who donít have enough work to do so they get in trouble, just like little kids. I am anxious for the day when I go full time with my crafting business and can be my own boss. The store Iím looking at is right across the street from my house, at this time itís $600.00 a month for rent and occupied but there are a lot of stores close by with similar rent prices. Just have to save enough money so that Iím not going into debt starting out.