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The name of the product you are looking for is Ela cream. It has lidocaine (sp?) in it. If you call around to various pharmacies, you may be able to find it, but I would recommend starting with ones that are affiliated with whatever hospitals you have in your area. In my case, even the one in the outpatient offices building didn't have it, but the pharmacy within the hospital itself that also sells to the general public did. I asked for Emla, which apparently is no longer available (it contained Lidocaine and something else), but fortunately I was directed to this other stuff, which works wonderfully. You put it on about an hour before the blood test and cover the site with plastic wrap or something of the sort (NOT an adhesive bandage, as otherwise when you take it off after only an hour that hurts pretty badly too, so all but defeats the purpose). If you're concerned about your child getting hurt by the plastic wrap, just roll their sleeve down over the cream once you've rubbed it in. Some may go into the clothes (it's colorless), but safety is more important than 100% non-absorption. Make sure to do the entire inside of the elbow or wherever they're going to draw the blood from, so you treat the veins at both sides of the area. Starting next time my daughter has a test, I think I'm going to do both arms, in case they either like the other side's veins better or something happens with the 1 side and they need to use the other. It's no fun to be stuck twice but at least this way it won't hurt.

If your child is sensitive to the tourniquet-like thing they put above the blood test, have them do it over his/her sleeve, ask if they can do it not as firmly as usual (although this may make drawing the blood take longer), or, best-case scenario, ask if they can use a children's blood-pressure cuff instead of the tourniquet. Unfortunately, many places don't have these available, but if they do it's best from what I've heard from others. (My daughter is used to the cream on the test site, but says "Don't pinch me!" regarding the other part of the process.)

Hope this helps.

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