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Easter Basket Filler Ideas

Here are some ideas for basket fillers courtesy of Kim Tilley:

Bunny Poop (Raisinets with a cute poem to go along with them)

Egg Buddies (little stuffed egg-shaped toys, can add ears and tails for all kinds of animals)

Carrot Treats - use sandwich baggie, fill with something orange - orange jelly beans, candy corn or even Cheetos (they are the perfect color!). Tie this off so that the orange goodies in the bag look like a carrot shape, then add some green plastic wrap, wrapping paper, or fabric to the top to look like a carrot.

Homemade Chocolate Eggs - There is a great recipe from for some Cadbury-type eggs, but I found that it was hard to get the egg shape, though they tasted great! This year I'm trying a mashed potato candy recipe, sounds weird, but I'm guessing it will be pretty good.

Chocolate Bunnies - You can get the forms to make your own chocolate bunnies in the cake and candy making section at the craft store. Just melt some chocolate chips (Aldi's are good and cheap) and then pour into molds.

Ohio Buckeyes - make them egg-shaped instead of balls - taste like peanut butter cups.

There is also a recipe called snowballs - you could make them and call them "bunny tails" and I bet the kids would love it.


Here are a few more ideas, a little healthier:

Instead of using that awful plastic Easter grass, how about growing some from seed in a container that would fit in your baskets?

How about giving some real carrots in the basket - the kids get enough candy! It would look really cool to give the kind of carrots with leaves attached, or the mini carrots.

How about coupons in the Easter basket - for bunny hugs, snuggles, or doing special special with the family.

Books might also be nice, and they don't have to be new.

All that said, we don't go all out and have mountains of candy for Easter. Lately we've been doing and egg hunt with minimal candy in their baskets, and then focusing on the religious aspect of the holiday.

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