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Hi, Kathy, it's nice to meet you. I don't know what's available in your corner of the world, as I live in Georgia, but have you tried going to any of the churches around you? Many churches today have women's groups, and would probably LOVE to have you as a member. Some of the ones I've seen here meet on weekday mornings, so I've not been able to attend the women's meetings, because I work, but since you're not working right now, and I'm assuming your child is in school, possibly you could check them out. Another idea is to check out the phone book for 12-step meetings...I *think* there is a 12-step for depression. If you can't find one listed, call the Alcoholics Anonymous number and ask them if they know of any. And actually, a lot of the 12-Step AA groups welcome people who are NOT alcoholics, because the program is such a great way to help better your life.

Abear, that was such a fantastic listing of the boards here!!!! I've put it on my monitor, lol...instant index to familycorner! Thank you, hear?

Hi, pag, how are ya?

Good luck to ya, Kathy.

"If your life seems to be all tangled up, stop struggling...sit still...God will untie the knots." __author unknown
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