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Hi Kathy! Welcome to Family Corner! I am Cindy, also in my 40's. I have three children, a 20 y.o. daughter, a 13 y.o. son and a 10 y.o. son.

My husband used to be in the Navy so I know how hard it is moving to new places. We moved here almost 7 years ago when my husband got a medical discharge. I still don't feel like I really, totally "belong".

I can't offer you info on the new area you moved to but I can tell you that the members of this site are so supportive of each other. If you jump in, you'll find warm, comforting support.

Here's the link to the Introduce yourself thread:

Here's some other threads that you may want to jump in on.
Click on any of the links below and it will take you to different threads/subjects around the site. Once there, just click on "post reply" and jump in with both feet! You'll have fun, meet some great people and just have an all around good time. If you ever need some extra help just click on the "pm" button at the bottom of my post and send me a private message. I'll do all that I can to lend a helping hand!

Commonly Asked "How do I..." Questions


How did you get your user name?? Here you can read how some of us came up with our user names and post about yours!!

Friendship Flower Thread this is the only thread that does not have a designated subject. At this thread, you can talk about anything (within reason) without having to worry about getting off-topic! By posting, we "grow" a flower. We start out with an empty pot and end up with a gorgeous flower/plant. We never know what we're going to end up with but we have yet to be disapppointed!

What's for Dinner - yes, we discuss menu plans for the main meal of the day. But we also share recipes, joys, sorrows and so much more.

Frugal Living? While I don't actively participate in this forum, I do "lurk" there often. It's amazing some of the frugal ideas those ladies have and the deals they get!

Crafting - like to craft? If so, this is the place to be!

Games, Tests & Quizzes This is a place to just have fun!

Couponaholics Club Love couponing? This is THE place to go!

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Postcards From Anywhere Collect postcards? Want to swap with other members? This is the place to go!

Kids Postcard Swap Do you have children that would love to swap post cards with other member's children? If so, this is the place to go! A minimum of 75 posts is needed to join but you can get those in no time!

The Religion Forum

Secret Sister (or Brother!) Club. February is our 8th month with this great club. You only need 75 posts to join. Here's the link to learn all about it!
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