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FIRST of all, I love you guys!!! You have totally made my week! I have had message boards for the last year on this site but they never took off. Apparently noone liked the set up. And they were costing me a fortune.

So I installed this software and customized it and WHAM, you guys are here everyday. I love it! I wish I would have installed these a year ago and saved myself oodles of money!

Second, Beth, when you are replying to a post, you should see a box on the left side of the box that you type in. Above the box it sill say "smilies" and in the box you will see a bunch of smilie icons. Just click an icon and it will be inserted into your message! There are certain symbols (emiticons) that will automatically transform into an icon, such as a : and ) to make this

and a : and a p to make this :p

and : and - and D to make this

Otherwise, just click one or more of the little pictures and it will appear. I believe you can include up to ten symbols in each post!

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