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Joy, your dishes are very pretty. I bet they will make your table look so cheery, especially during wintertime.
Boggz, the circus sounds like lots of fun! It is such a pretty day out. I've been sitting outside reading. We found a huge, flat turtle today when we went to get the mail. I'm not really sure what kind it was. I know it wasn't a box turtle. My biggest frugal thing today was throwing away the L. L. Bean catalogue I got in the mail. I didn't even LOOK at it.
Ericka, I wish I could help you with your horses, but I don't know anything about them. I do hope things are going better for you, though. I am not originally from Ky, so I didn't grow up around horses like most people around here. I do think they are beautiful animals. Take care everyone and have a nice rest of the afternoon.