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ARRGGGHHH!! help..i need some help from someone...i got that paint horse. shes a my 8 yr gelding appolusa, hates her. and me both. hes very....ummmm testy about that. and he ran her thru the fence 2x today. he gets mad when i pay any attention to anyone else and gets all angry with me. this is a horse ive had for 3 yrs, dh had for about a yr befor me..and wont even look at dh now if im around. i love my app, and woundt have gotten another horse at all, except his feet are getting bad and im afraid, a long trail ride would hurt him more. now hes angry with me, and ticked off at the mare. and im at my wits end.

any one got any ideas? personal experience, web page..any thing.

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