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It is really yucky here today and since dh is at home, I actually have to go out and warm the truck up myself I am so used to him doing that for me, along with taking my trolley cart thing that I use for all my junk (thermos, lunch, books, craft project, purse) to the truck for me in the morning.. he is good that way.

I made up some of those green shamrocks this weekend, everyone at work liked them although it was a bit of a challenge explaining to them what a candle tart is and not to eat it, lol!

I can't wait to go back and buy more candy molds in different shapes, they had so many to choose from.

Well it's almost time to go home and have dinner which dh is making for me so if I don't get back on hope everyone got to spend Valentines Day with the ones they loved and a special thanks to all the ladies out there who are sacrificing time with their military husbands on this valentines day to help protect our country.