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Sounds like Luke is doing well with the potty training. I was buying Evan pullups for night time. I stopped doing that a month ago and he hasnt had any accidents at night. Very consistent about making him go before bed and of course limiting his drink intake in the evening. I probaly could of stopped before than. Oh well will try to do better with Josh.

Dh brought me home a bouquet of flowers (NOT ROSES) from the grocery store. That was very sweet of him. The cookies are for after dinner so he doesnt know about them yet.

I have to admit the only freshner I have bought into was the Oust and that was because of 2 daycare babies I have. If they do a #2 during nap yet sleep through. I swear there was a lingering smell in MY bedroom. YUK YUK! The oust does work and only use in those cases.

Glad to hear your computer is all fixed! It is rainy with Zero sun but not cold here!