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Wow, #10 already....I think I have been around since #3!

First of all, wishing a wonderful Valentine's Getaway to Emmjean and Ethansamuel and their DHs! Have a great time!

Usually we give a small gift at Valentine's Day but we didn't do that this year. DH and I did get each other a nice card, and he got me some chocolate what a sweetie! I will be making his favorite dinner tonight--chicken parmesan.

I did get a couple of treats for the kids when I went food shopping today but otherwise I stuck to the budget and came out pretty well--$62 and that included milk, steak and a good amount of produce. Never coupons for those things!

I am working hard to get Luke toilet trained! That will save me lots of money on diapers and wipes (though I do keep a pack of those around as stain-pretreaters and hand wipes for when we're not home). So far today he is doing well, just 1 accident and he was on his way to the bathroom when that happened, so it was just bad timing. This is one area where having much older kids has handicapped us--we're away from home so much that it's hard to be consistent about potty training.
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