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Speaking of Vin Diesel have you seen the previews of his new movie The Pacifier? It looks really funny here is some info on it
hugs Sandie

Vin Diesel is 'The Pacifier'!

In 'The Pacifier,' Vin plays disgraced Navy SEAL John Summit who takes on the job of protecting a government scientist's family after he failed to save their father's life. And, of course, he quickly learns that childcare is harder duty than any task he has been assigned as a SEAL.

The film also stars several familiar faces from the small screen, including "American Dreams"' BRITTANY SNOW, the "Gilmore Girls"' LAUREN GRAHAM, "Hope & Faith"'s FAITH FORD and "Everybody Loves Raymond"'s BRAD GARRETT.

"Brad is easy to work with," Vin says. "Not in an acquiesce kind of way, but in a constantly entertaining the whole production kind of way. There are a couple of acts scheduled before lunch with Brad and we will all crack up. We were lucky in our casting."
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