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These photos are wonderful.

All these beautiful brides and handsome grooms.

Lita, you look just like I thought you would. My dad travelled to many of the islands. And he said 'the island people all had such good hearts and gentle spirits." And, of course he always added, within my mother's earshot, " and all the women are exceptionally beautiful."

Looking at you, guess he wasn't wrong.

Coll, my DIL is a redhead. And so was my second husband (the one who was my solemate) so I'm kinda partial to them myself. You were Such a pretty bride, and I bet you do look like that today.

Sueanne, those lovely pics took me back. I love the clothing styles from the 50's and early 60's. And such nice looking people.
You and the gown, stunning.

Nancy,(Bensmom) thank you for the nice words. You are always so sweet, bless your heart. Still thiking pink for you. I'll bet the new arrival will be as beautiful as her mommy.


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