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Stitcher45, Honey do NOT beat yourself up!!!! God sen t you that child BECAUSE you won't throw her away. I have a special child and I decided a while ago that she is different than other children and I would do ALL that I can to ensure that she get treatment, NO MATTER WHAT. I would even leave my husband (to go on welfare) to ensure that she get treatment, thank God I don't have too, though.

Tell this poor soul that you love her enough to try every possible avenue to get her what she needs -- to be whole, healthy, and able to live and love herself. It is unfortunate in this country that we as parents and couples have to do this to get our children treatment. BUT, you deal with what ya have. That is the reality of it. Yes, she might be upset, but remember she doesn't have the ability to think straight. Keep this mantra. I told my 8 year old "no matter what you do I WILL ALWAYS love you". Through it all she has remembered that.

Have your church or someones church have a prayer circle for her. I've heard it works even if the person isn't aware of it. Works in our circles. Bless your heart I know how hard this is. My prayers go out to you and your family.


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