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I always take my shoes off when I come in ,in the winter I live in my Isotoner slippers and summer just flip flops around the house, I cant stand going barefoot, mainly because I cant stand the bottom of my feet getting the slightest bit dirty! DH takes his work boots off when he gets in but he usually has walked halfway into the kitchen by then so the floor(especially now with the snow) gets messy,but at least I can wipe it up and he doesnt make it to the rugs.Usually when we have company I never tell them to take their shoes off unless I happen to notice someone with real muddy shoes, and alot of our friends automatically take them off this time of year anyhow, because you always have snow and mud etc on your shoes.When my GD's come the first thing they do is take off their shoes, I taught my dd well,LOL.

Hugs Sandie
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