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Oh don't get me started!!

Nothing like getting dressed for a nice party and having the hostess demand you take off your shoes and walk around in your panyhose and feel stupid. I absolutely refused one day to do so. Paddling around barefooted in a fancy suit looks so stupid. And my feet get cold.

. See these guys have their shoes on!

So I have taken to bringing "house quality" dress shoes that I put on at the door and let the hostess explain that I was a smart guest and brought clean shoes so I don't look and feel dorky. I am a grown up for heavens sake and shouldn't have to be admonished to wipe my feet at the door.

Now at my house, I warn people that to take off your shoes means walking around at your own risk. There are young chilren leaving mystery puddles and legos and such an the floor.

To make them feel at ease, I say, if my hubby won't take off his shoes, why should you or I?

Frankly, since my days doing daycare on my feet all day, I know how important good foot support is. I went out and bought high quality running shoes before the all purpose cross-trainers were available. I could not work in my slippers all day long.
How silly.
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