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I never wear shoes in my own home, simply because I hate wearing shoes. I go barefoot all summer. When I go into someone else's home, I always remove my shoes simply because that's how I was brought up. We were taught that it's not polite to track dirt from your shoes into someone else's house. I know it's a regional and cultural thing because I've had this discussion on an online list I belong to and we found that it depends on where you live.

I would prefer that people take off their shoes when they come into my house (especially since I have beautiful, shiny hardwood flooring in my kitchen and it scratches easily), but I would never ask them to. If they don't take off their shoes, well then I just grin and bear it. :-)

As for a holiday party, that's a hard one. Usually people are dressed up and their shoes are part of their "ensemble". If women are wearing pantyhose and they take off their shoes, then their feet will get cold. In that case, I'd just keep my shoes on.

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