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I absolutely love this thread and I am so excited at the thoughts of a 'birthday party' - even if I have to throw it!!!!

I've always wanted my dh to throw me a party but he's not a partyer or a planner of social events like I am. But a few years ago this was a big need for me and especially since I always remember my friends' bdays and they don't remember mine. After talking with my doctor (therapist), she said that we all have to "feed the beast" sometime. And if this was a big need for me, why didn't I just do it? Well, I didn't because I thought it was being tacky or that I was soliciting attention.

Well, earlier this month, I learned a very valuable lesson here at FC about meeting my own needs. I was having a personal crisis and so many here at FC came to my rescue to let me know that I was in deed worthy of not only voicing my needs but expecting help, love and care from my friends. A big thanks to Donna, Val & Deb (among others)!

So, following suit, I am going to "feed the beast" this year and throw myself a celebration bday party. In lieu of gifts, everyone has to share a funny story (like Your Most Embarassing Moment). A carnival theme, madhatter 'tea party' or a Redneck party might be kinda fun and could lead to some funny stories.

Thanks Donna for starting this thread and to Val for sharing her birthday idea. They have both inspired me to treat myself nicer.
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