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Lazy Lasagna

I call this lazy lasagna because you do not need to cook noodles and can be prepared ahead of time for minimal clean up later.

Lasagna noodles (I get 16ct. box)
1lb. ground beef
32ons. Spagetti Sauce
1lb. Cottage cheese
8ons. Sour Cream
1/2c. Parmesean cheese
16ons. Mozzarella cheese

(note:the above amounts are the average, a little more or less won't make a huge difference and get no fat if you prefer)

1c. water

If you are cooking right away preheat oven to 350.

Brown ground beef and drain. Add spagetti sauce then let simmer on low. (This is where I add garlic, italian seasoning, basil and onion just because I like it. It is not necessary though.)
In a mixing bowl combine cottage cheese and sour cream

Then layer starting with a very thin layer of meat (this keeps it from sticking to bottom of pan)
Then noodles (I get four across for each layer)
Then spread on a layer of cottage cheese/sour cream mix
Then sprinkle on parmesean and mozzarella
Then meat again
Repeat till mixtures are gone or you run out of pan. (These amounts fill my pan with no excess)

If you are cooking later cover and refridgerate. (I have never froze one, but would be interested to hear how it turns out)
I have refridgerated for later in the week (approx. four days )and it was great.When you are ready to cook follow below.

When you are ready to cook pour the water around edge of lasagna. Cover with foil and bake at 350 for 1 hour. Then remove foil and bake for 30 minutes more or until the cheese is brown and bubbly.

You can serve right away (but don't burn yourself) or just let it sit in oven till ready to serve (my choice because it stays in perfect little squares if I wait at least 30 minutes to an hour, rather then melting across the plate)

It is fabulous, enjoy!
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