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Ever since my oldest dd was two she has been away with my mother and stepfather on vacation during her birthday she will be 10 next month so not having mom or dad there is no big deal to her anymore. Her birthday has always fallen on mid winter recess and since she is the oldest grandchild and the first girl in our family in 24 years she is spoiled by my parents. I always send a card with my mom and on her birthday no matter where they are at 12:52 am (the time she was born) she is called by me or calling me and opening her card. She has always been a night owl so being up at that time on her birthday is no big deal to her. I started writing a letter to her on her birthday since her first birthday. In the letter I give her the highlights of that year and how lucky I am to have her as a daughter, and why. Yes she gets special treats from her grandparents on her birthday but we celebrate her birthday (just family) on the night she comes home. Seeing how her birthday is 2 days before one of my brothers they get a cake together.

I would wait till Daddy was there to celebrate his birthday, maybe do a special lunch on the day of his birthday with just you and him
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