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Shawn, I think you know how to solve just about every problem that comes your way! Thanks for all the great tips. Some I had never heard of, but I have another for cleaning grease out of clothes: dish washing liquid.
Years ago when I worked in a steak house, I never came home without steak grease, butter something all over my shirt. We were not aloud to serve on trays, we had to stack the plates down our arms (shoulder to hand) and even though I never dropped a thing, juice would still get on my shirt. I quickly figured out that dish liquid would get the grease out. I would soak it over night in the sink before I stuck it in the laundry. It even worked on rayon and silk, which I thought was a lost cause.
Thanks again for all the great tips, especially baking soda dry bath for dogs. I know that will be a life saver in between the wet baths
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