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More Tidbits

Vacuum Scents To add a fresh scent to a room, add some fragrant spices to your vacuum cleaner bag and vacuum as normal. Cinnamon and Allspice are especially nice--or try tearing open a couple of teabags of a fragrant herbal tea, and add that to the bag.

Foiling Mirror Scratches Hide scratches in the back of a mirror by covering them with aluminum foil, shiny side out. Affix the foil to the mirror by painting over it with clear shellac.

Lemon Twist To keep your garbage disposal smelling fresh, occasionally drop a sliced fresh emon or lime inside and grind it up.

Stifle Static You can reduce static electricity in your carpets by mixing one part liquid fabric softener with five parts water. Put the solution in a spray bottle, mist over the carpet, and just let it dry.

Unsticking Hooks To remove a self-adhesive hook, drip vinegar behind it. Give it a few hours to go to work before tugging the adhesive loose.

Salty Windows By the Seashore? Easy-Off or other similar oven-cleaners remove salt deposits quickly and easily, leaving windows shining.

Cleaner Coffee Mugs Try soaking them in hot water with a dash of bleach for glass mugs, or a dash of vinegar for plastic mugs.

Can't hang it? Stick it. If your landlord frowns on using nails to hang pictures, try velcro strips with adhesive backs. Place them in each corner for maximum support. When it's time to move, just wet the adhesive and peel the strips off.

Chewing Gum Cleanup Chewing gum stuck in anything can be a nightmare. Somebody track it in your carpet? Harden it with an ice cube and scrape it out with a dull knife. Then, after most of the mass is out, you can try a warm sponge dipped in water and dishwashing liquid to gently rub out the remaining bits. For getting gum out of hair (oh, those horrible school-day memories!), try working in peanut butter or a little cooking oil into the hair and comb it out. You can even treat your hair as carpet by hardening the gum with ice and then cracking it off.

Shampoo Cleans Oily Spills Spilled salad dressing, butter, or other oils on your clothing, but don't have a stain remover? Remember that most hair shampoo is designed to strip away the oils that accumulate on our head (especially the kind ormulated "for Oily Hair"). If you daub some shampoo on the spot and let it soak in for an hour or so before washing, the stain may well disappear.

Toothpaste Spackle Holes in the walls, but no spackle to cover them? Toothpaste (not the multi-colored kind, obviously) works surprisingly well. Push it in with a toothpick or paper clip, and leave a generous dollop on the surfce. The next day, after it's dried, you can smooth it down with your hand. It'll last, and you can even paint over it.

Mosquitoes Inside You heard an annoying, high-pitched mosquito buzzing in your face just as you were falling asleep, only to wake up to lots of bites all over. All your doors and windows have been closed, so how did those nasty attackers get in? Check your flower vases. Water left in vases for several days is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, just as a swamp is. Change your water daily and throw out flowers that have slimy stems.

Flower Power If you want those fresh-cut flowers to last longer in water, lightly singe their stem ends on your stove (don't set them on fire!).
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