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To Our Good Health

Hi Maura and everyone:

You ladies have been busy over the weekend! My email is at work, so I came back to all these posts this morning -- I'm sure happy to know that people are finding what I have to say useful. I'm an herbalist, specializing in women's issues, and I've spent 30 years trying to get people to stop pouring chemicals into their bodies.

I would strongly encourage all of you to take a stroll through your local health/whole foods supermarket and just see what they have to offer. Try to go in at a time when it isn't busy (i.e., not lunchtime or right after work), and see if you can get one of the employees to take you under their wing and show you around, give you the scoop on what they sell. There are new products coming out every day that are healthful alternatives to all the garbage that the big food companies are trying to sell us. Sometimes you do pay a little more, but I try to remember what it will save me in doctor's bills and lost time at work. I see it as an investment in my personal future.

And yes, Stevia is a wonderful alternative to sugar -- much MUCH sweeter than regular sugar, and as far as I know, it has no down side. But do try to keep the sweets in check, even when you use a non-sugar substance; you don't want to be eating a lot of sweet things in the course of a day.

Locally raised eggs and chickens will have some of your local allergens in them as well, and be better for you all the way around. I have a chicken farm right down the street from me, and while I would rather buy "free range" chickens who have had some sort of a life for themselves, I would buy those birds before I'd get something in the supermarket that has been shipped and stored and who knows what else -- at least the meat is fresh. I'm blessed with a lot of small operations in my neighborhood (a response to poverty, I'm afraid) -- I can get local honey and local beef and local dairy products, right off the farm. That's always my preference. I don't know where you all live, or how accessible that sort of thing is for you, but it's certainly worth a little investigating.

Here's hoping we all get smarter and healthier as time passes. Thanks for your encouraging words -- I really appreciate them.

Blessings to all

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