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dog in heat

Good luck Amanda.
On reading I noticed that no one mentioned the fact that from about the 10th thru 16th day is the most dangerous for the bitch in heat as that is when they are usually bred. Check with your vet about exact days.

One bitch bred on the 12th and 14th day and another on the 13th and 15th day. Sound familiar. With one bitch had to give the male tranquilizers as he would climb on anything and howl at all times of the day and night.

I agree with the woman who wrote - never leave a dog alone with young children - it is better to be safe than sorry. I was fortunate in that one of my dogs not only helped me raise my sons (dh was career Navy and gone 6-9 months at a time), but also raised a litter of kittens in addition to 2 litters of her own and heaven help the parent who's temper got the best of them when hollering at the kids because she would stand there in front of the child protecting them until the parent cooled down or changed their tone of voice.

Have fun with your dog. Travel today is much easier as some hotels/motels actually allow them to stay inside with you. I still remember fondly the looks of oncoming drivers as we had two huge shepards and one medium size dog with two boys laying on the overhanging bed in the camper. They enjoyed the travel and camping was a treat - could go swimming with us without anyone saying anything.

And yes they are very much a member of the family. Just remember the fact they are like any 2 -3 year old child and must be monitored.
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