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Nice to meet you...are ya trying to make more work for me...haha just kidding. Thanks for the tips bc I want the have the job done right the first time and not have to redo bc of poor preparations.

On the molding you think that it would make the ceilings look lower? They aren't very high right now...maybe 8 ft but that could be pushing it. It's a mobile home built in the 70s...since I'm short it's 'ok' but trust me dream home will have high ceilings so I can breathe.

For the carpeting-the light neutral was thinking of berber like. Sure it's rougher than comfty carpet but shows dirt less and ppl seem to LIKE berber...I don't care for it as much as ppl like to lay on the floor but that's what rugs are for and rugs go to the next place! lol

Stenciling-I've done on craft projects mostly. I bought some picket fence ones, and floral garden ones but they are still having the tags on them...shshh..I hid them...haha

You sound Like a pro decorator to me! I wish you could come too but when we get going I keep you posted and you can participate via the internet!

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