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Thanks, all!

Well, we started our sit-upons at last weeks meeting. I bought cheap tablecloths from Wal-Mart and cut them to the size needed. And used plastic lanyard for the sewing. The only construction problem that I had was my hole punch wouldn't punch through the material. So I bought the largest needles I could find (for plastic canvas) and had the girls use that. For the most part , it went okay. Some girls complained that it was hard (my co-leader agreeing out loud with them didn't help). But I will tell you that it was the most quiet meeting that we have ever had. The girls were all concentrating so hard while working on this. That was nice.

Another plus: my daughter told me she loves sewing and wants me to teach her how to do it on regular material.

Thank you for all the suggestions. It's nice to know that I have a place to come for some really great suggestions.

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