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Hi! Before I painted my paneling I applied drywall mud to the joints, let it dry, then sanded the rough edges only. Too much sanding will pull out the mud. Then I applied a primer and my top coat was a good grade of acrylic latex paint. I have been using low luster paint. I use flat only on my ceilings, and white only.I know this is a thing of the past but I like the look of white ceilings verses color. I think the white ceiling gives the walls a crisp line and it makes my small rooms seem larger!

In rooms where I wanted the lines...I just painted over them..I paint the grooves first, use a 3-4 inch brush and it can be a old one, my paneling roughs up a good brush. Then I used a roller to roll the rest of the paneling.

Hope this helps you Redcardinalbird, just make sure you use a low luster, or semi-gloss paint and you will be able to wipe the walls if they get dusty.


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