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First off, jsut wanted everyone to know that my dgd, Gabby, came home fromt he hospital Thursday evening. She's doing well. Her pneumonia is gone and the tubes in her ears are doing well too. Thank you all for your prayers.

Bar-Bar-definitely do as Coll suggested and make sure the doctor checks out John's gallbladder. It took over a year but my dad finally decided to have a CAT scan his stomach doctor had been wanting for quite a while. He'd been having such pain off and on and no one could figure out why. He'd been to the ER several times, to his doctors again and again-he has a defibulator/pace maker, kept thinking it was something to do with his heart. Turns out he has gallstones. The doctor and my dad decided to leave it alone unless he decides he doesn't want to handle the pain anymore. But he does go for periods of time without any pain at all, so I guess it's liveable for him right now. I hope and pray they figure out what's wrong soon.
I'm also glad that your dgd will be able to live with you right now too!

Nancy-I pray the doctors will figure out what's wrong with you as well. As I PM'd you I can think of at least a couple of things it could be-I hope it's neither but at least once you know you'll be able to make a plan of action. BTW, you haven't been bitten lately by a spider maybe?? or gotten a tick bite(even though it is winter)?? Make sure the doctor looks for any and everything-just like they need to with Bar-Bar's dh.

Also in my prayers tonight-Pag36, motherof2, barbszy, Linda Lou,
theirmom and everyone else with requests-also everyone who didn't put in a request.
I feel so blessed to have so many online friends to call on for prayers or just to talk to when the need arises.
Take care all,
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