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ROFL Beth! Your daughter sure knows how to pick 'em!

Normally I go grocery shopping ALONE. But today was an unusual situation. The sale was ending today and the new one starting tomorrow.

We had company coming for dinner today and my hubby had to go somewhere. He took the older kids with him but just couldn't take the two younger ones.

So I either missed the sale entirely (too many things I wanted were in that sale LOL) or take the little ones. Now I have taken the little ones with me on occasion, not too big a deal as this particular grocery store has these really cool shopping carts. They are just like those little tikes ride-in cars, with a grocery basket on top, very neat! So the kids ride inside while you shop.

Problem was there weren't any left when I got there! ARRGGH That's never happened to me before! There's usually 3 or 4 sitting there After about 4 aisles I spotted one and grabbed it tho. LOL

Anyway, that was the long way to tell you that even though I went out of my way to make that sale, I still missed it anyway cuz I had the wrong sale paper!!!!

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